The success of the Navan Grads organization is largely due to the quality and number of our fantastic volunteers. Each game requires numerous volunteers to assist in game operations, many times behind the scenes and void of recognition. Without your dedication to our team, your kindness and love for the development of the sport, and our young athletes, we would not be able to provide the same experience we do to our many patrons and local fans.

Thank you to the following individuals from all the Grads Management, Coaches, and Players for all of your help with each Grads season - without you we couldn't do it!!

Game Day Operations:  Derek Boutilier

Scorekeeper:  Selene Commerford

Off-Ice Scorekeeper:  Rene Senecal & Allan Cruickshank

Broadcaster:  Connor Finniss

Broadcaster:  Tyler Cyr

Director of Broadcasting and Media:  Tyler Cyr

PA Announcer: Derek Boutilier


It takes thirteen volunteers to properly run each and every Grads' home game. Given that, the Navan Grads are always looking for more great staff to help run our hockey games. If interested, please contact us for more information.

Currently, we have volunteers from all areas of our community. Our volunteer pool is made up of High School students (remember - volunteering with the Grads counts towards your community hours!), retired members of our community, young hockey players, and even whole families, which is a great bonding family function. Their one common trait is a true love for the game and a desire to be on the "inside" of a Junior "A" franchise.

The Grads welcome all volunteers, there is no minimum game commitment, or requirements. . Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community, obtain volunteer hours for school, and be a part of a great organization. Please call us at 613-835-4297.